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Brew Barons: Daniel’s Broiler-Leschi 35th Anniversary Celebratory Champagne
Pop open the bubbly to celebrate! Daniel’s Broiler-Leschi is celebrating their 35th birthday by giving everyone a delightful gift. They are inviting folks to enjoy a bottle of Veuve Clicquot for $35 through the rest of 2015 to say, “Cheers to 35 years!” At the time of our visit, 912 bottles had already been popped. There are only a couple months left in the year and the holidays are only a few days away. You too can treat yourself to a little celebration! (more…)
Thanksgiving made easy: Pre-order your meal with Whole Foods and Munchery
1. Whole Foods From antibiotic-free free, organic, non-GMO Project verified and GAP-rated turkeys to wine pairings, Whole Foods has the people and recipes to help. You can order full gourmet Thanksgiving dinners from any of the Seattle Whole Foods stores for day-of-pick-up. They also provide vegan, gluten-free and paleo options! This healthy and easy option gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with your family, instead of rushing to the grocery store this weekend, spending days prepping, and getting stuck in the kitchen all of Thursday. Whole Foods uses the freshest and most quality ingredients resulting in a nutritious and delicious dinner.  (more…)
B+W Duck Leg
Seattle Restaurants Serve Up Thanksgiving 2015
Celebrate Thanksgiving with delicious feasts on November 26th. Diners are invited to relieve seasonal stress this year and let a professional take care of the cooking (and cleaning) duties for holiday feasts. Several of Seattle’s favorite restaurants will be open and serving delicious Thanksgiving dinners on November 26. Menus range from traditional American holiday dishes, including turkey, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie, to delicious turkey day alternatives, such as smoked salmon, shepherd’s pie and specialty pastas. Restaurants will offer kid-friendly menus, gluten-free options, vegan dishes and more. (more…)
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Brew Barons: Townshend’s Tea Co. Tasting event today at KBI Craft Spirits
Tea that will really help you de-stress.  Botanicals, including teas, have been going into spirits for ages to make gin, aquavit, rum, and more. The folks at Townshend’s Tea Company have come up with a different approach to utilizing herbs to create new flavors. They take their teas and use them in the mash (materials mashed up to release juices and sugars to be distilled in liquor or spirits) with cane sugar. This creates a liquor that retains the tea flavor while adding more botanicals makes it a truly unique taste experience. (more…)
City Fruit Cider Taste Fundraiser is November 12
5th Annual Cider Taste Fundraiser benefiting the 2016 harvest. City Fruit is hosting their annual Cider Taste Fundraiser on Thursday, November 12th. City Fruit is a Seattle non-profit that promotes the cultivation of urban fruit to nourish people, build community, and protect the climate. Urban fruit trees are all over Seattle, but the fruit often goes unused because people don’t know when to harvest or how to use it. City Fruit is reclaiming the “urban orchard” by showing people how to harvest what they need and to share the rest with others. (more…)
IN THE KNOW: Seattle Wine and Food Experience 2016 Announced
Early bird tickets are on sale now through November 8th! The Seattle Wine and Food Experience (SWFE) is back February 20-21, 2016 with two epicurean events: POP! Bubbles & Seafood (Saturday, Feb. 20) and the Seattle Wine and Food Experience Grand Tasting (Sunday, Feb. 21). Tickets are now on sale. Early bird tickets purchased before Sunday, November 8th are $5 off!  (more…)
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Brew Barons: Silver City Brewing
“Beer for one, beer for all.” Nestled in the peninsula town of Silverdale, Silver City Brewery has been steadily picking up steam in the beer game since 1996. The restaurateurs-turned-brewers took their passion for beer and have proudly established themselves as purveyors of beers that will appeal to all palettes. And boy do these guys know how to make beer! (more…)
Eggs Benedict. Photo by Jane Johnson.
Food Porn: Brunch at Pomegranate Bistro
One of the Eastside’s best brunches. Pomegranate Bistro in Redmond features a modern mix of Pacific Northwest cuisine and comfort food inspired by Lisa Dupar’s Southern upbringing and classical French training. The brunch menu features brunch classics, including eggs benedict, a breakfast plate, sandwiches and doughnuts. It also includes oatcakes, firebreads, and southern staples like chicken & waffles and biscuits and gravy. Their brunch is very popular, so wake up early and get there early (before 11:00 am), or expect a wait. (more…)
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