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Seattleite’s Favorite Local Mountains
Embrace cold weather and early snow at some of Washington’s best slopes. (more…)
In Technicolor, Dec. 9
In Technicolor: “Hugo 3D” And “Cave Of Forgotten Dreams”
Two legends at the top of their game. [tentblogger-youtube hR-kP-olcpM] “Hugo” — Scorsese’s colorful homage to old cinema “From the man who brought you ‘Mean Streets’ and ‘Goodfellas’ comes a melancholy children’s romp about the need for film preservation…in 3D (more…)
Roll Call: Dynamic, Local Tattoo Artists
Satisfy that nagging craving for (more) ink at one of these eclectic tattoo parlors. Not having a tattoo in Seattle is like living in Los Angeles without sunglasses. The problem is, tattoo shops are as pervasive as Starbucks — but the quality is not as consistent. Whether you prefer the hard-edged scene or a more private, relaxed experience (or somewhere in between), these local shops provide more than just amazing body art. (more…)
spa shoes 2
Happy Feet: Travel Footwear For Ladies
Make your feet smile with these easy to travel comfy options. Holidays are hectic. The last thing you need are uncomfortable feet from all the hustle and bustle. Make this year’s vacation a breeze with our picks on these must-have travel shoes. (more…)
Photo courtesy of Flickr/Kanko
Japanese Teahouse Literary Event
Enjoy tea and discussion with an award-winning Japanese author. This weekend, take part in a multicultural experience. Expand your literary palette, sip green tea in a traditional setting, and listen to celebrated Japanese-American author Naomi Hirahara discuss her bestselling whodunnit series, “Mas Arai Mysteries.” (more…)
Il Terrazzo Carmine; photo courtesy of Bob Peterson
Tasty Seattle: Bringing Seattleites Together
Get out there and meet someone special — without the pressure of a blind date. This time of year can be lonely for those in search of Mr. or Ms. Right. If you’re available (and looking), you’re in luck this holiday season – Tasty Seattle wants to plug you into the city’s upscale singles scene. (more…)
La Peña Flamenca de Seattle's Fiesta Navideña 2010
Fiesta Navideña: An Evening of Flamenco
A festive tribute to one of Spain’s most enduring traditions. What: For one captivating night, Flamenco Arts Northwest invites Seattleites to enjoy the enchanting sounds and moves of La Peña Flamenca, one of the city’s premier dance troupes. The group’s 22 members — each one an advanced dancer – will perform traditional flamenco music and dance numbers, as well as a few contemporary pieces. (more…)
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