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canlis brothers
Dynamic Seattleites: Legends of Legacy, Mark & Brian Canlis
Trendsetting and trailblazing — the Canlis brothers reinvent fine dining while embracing history. As the third generation to run Canlis Restaurant, brothers Mark and Brian Canlis havegrown up watching the very large shoes they have to fill. Their grandfather Peter Canlis opened the restaurant in 1950, and their parents, Chris and Alice, took over in the 1970s. Taking on the family business in 2005, Mark, 36, and Brian, 33, have reinvented the restaurant to reflect a new crowd. (more…)
Bryce Phillips of Evo; Photo by Chris Laurion
Dynamic Seattleites: Outdoor Mogul, Bryce Phillips
Trendsetting and trailblazing — this pro-athlete has built an outdoorsman’s Mecca. For 34-year-old Bryce Phillips, professional skier and multi-talented businessman, the top two definitions of the word “mogul” are as connected to his life as clicked in boots to a binding. (more…)
Dispatch, live at the Greek Theatre, Berkley, CA on June 11, 2011.
Entertaining The Masses: The Return Of Dispatch
The triumphant comeback of a college radio favorite. (more…)
Heather Ratushny of Tarte Cosmetics.
Dynamic Seattleites: Sweet Tarte, Heather Ratushny
Trendsetting and trailblazing — this stylish beauty brings-on the glamour. From Bellevue to the Big Apple, Heather Ratushny has been making a splash in the beauty industry and experimenting with colorful products ever since her high-school days, which she spent working at a make-over portrait studio. (more…)
Uber Seattle
Get Uber Excited For Uber Seattle!
For mobile-device users, navigating the city just got much more convenient. We all know getting from Point A to B can be a hassle in downtown Seattle. Morning and evening traffic transforms a quick trip into a (more…)
Festival at Mt. Si 2
The Festival At Mt. Si Continues Small-Town Tradition
This free, all-ages event outside the city is sure to please the whole family. (more…)
Joel VandenBrink of Two Beers Brewing; Photo by Chris Laurion
Dynamic Seattleites: Chief Brewmaster, Joel VandenBrink
Trendsetting and trailblazing — this Seattleite elevates the craft of micro-brewing. Joel VandenBrink believes it takes two beers to make the world go ‘round, so it was easy to name his business when he opened up his brewhouse, Two Beers Brewing, two years ago in SoDo. (more…)
Seattle Tattoo Expo
Celebrate 10 Years At Seattle Tattoo Expo
Get inked, touched up or just browse at Seattle’s 10th annual expo. As August greets us with some toasty days (by our standards), get ready to hang up those fleece coats and prepare to show some skin for Seattle’s 10th annual Tattoo Expo. (more…)
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