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Snowy Picturesque Escapes
Choose your own winter wonderland. Whether you like to ski and snowboard or simply relax and cozy up next to a roaring fire, here are some winter escapes that will make it hard to come home. (more…)
Photo courtesy of Reel Big Fish
Entertaining The Masses: Reel Big Fish & Streetlight Manifesto
Two legendary ska bands resurrect the genre in their first tour together. People like to run their mouths a lot. Stupid people say stupid things in attempts to make them sound less stupid, but often times it backfires. One especially stupid opinion I hear fairly often is, “ska is dead.” Simply put, this is stupid. (more…)
the muppets and  melancholia
In Technicolor: “Melancholia” and “The Muppets”
Some prefer movies about doomsday, others prefer Kermit the Frog. To each their own. This is our ‘meet cute’ — I know it might be a tired genre cliché but it’s nonetheless effective. From Sleepless in Seattle to When Harry Met Sally (or, really, any other late-80’s/early-90’s Meg Ryan movie) audiences have fallen for the ‘meet cute.’ (more…)
Photo courtesy of Flickr/Natalie Lucier
Cookies And Bonfires For A Good Cause
Support Seward Park Audubon Center at this fun-filled gathering. What: The holiday party season is set to kick off in altruistic fashion with the Winter’s Eve Fundraising Holiday Party, held at the Seward Park Audubon Center. Bring the whole family for hot drinks by the bonfire, holiday cookie decorating, wagon rides, dinner and a silent auction. (more…)
Seattleite Book Club
Seattleite Book Club: December 2011
Dear Seattleite Readers, Welcome to the “Seattleite” Book Club – the only virtual book club that spotlights the Pacific Northwest’s own authors and publishers! (more…)
City Scene: A Seattleite Pictorial
“Creative Characters” — through the lens of Charlie Ainslie. Photos by Charlie Ainslie (more…)
Epicurean Escape On San Juan Island
Foodie travelers, pack your bags for an indulgent experience in Friday Harbor. This winter, the Island Inn at 123 West and Duck Soup Inn have joined forces offer guests a series of exclusive cooking classes, hosted by Chef Gretchen Allison. The Epicurean Escape package is a weekend-long getaway focused on food and fun. (more…)
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