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HIDE/SEEK: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture
Explore LGBT influence on American portraiture at the Tacoma Art Museum. On the heels of same-sex marriage legalization in the Evergreen State, the Northwest once again paves the way for equality by hosting HIDE/SEEK: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture this spring. (more…)
What’s Hot: Vegfest 2012
A meatless paradise arrives at the Seattle Center. This annual vegetarian festival will show you all the ways in which you can be healthy and satisfied at the same time. Vegfest 2012 will answer all the questions you’ve ever had about vegetarian food options and more.  (more…)
Music Madness: Kaiser Chiefs
The future is medieval. Check ’em Out: Five Brits hailing from Leeds, UK’s ever vibrating music scene have shaped over a decade into the award winning ensemble that is the Kaiser Chiefs. Best known for their witty ball busting lyrics, (more…)
City Scene: A Seattleite Pictorial
“Flogging Frenzy” —  through the lens of Brandy Yowell. Music, dance, and of course beer at the Flogging Molly show, by photographer, Brandy Yowell. (more…)
Whats Hot: St. Patty’s Day Reconstructed
Celebrate the luck of the Irish – Seattle style. If a packed bar of rowdy Irish wannabe’s dancing the drunken jig isn’t your ideal way of celebrating St. Patricks day — than join Seattle By Foot instead and sip a few local pints and learn some little known beer lore from the Emerald City. (more…)
What’s Hot: BOOST Dance Festival
A showcase of talent, art and athleticism swings into the Emerald City.    Dance professionals, enthusiasts and fans from around the U.S. will gather in Seattle for a mega dance-off at the third annual BOOST Dance Festival. Whether you’re a beginner or trained professional, this double weekend series of instructional classes and performances will have something for everyone. (more…)
Get Out and Go: Eat, Drink and Be Local in Victoria, B.C.
A gourmet guide on how to experience the best of this charming city. Dust off your passport, pack your elastic waist pants and hop on the Clipper to Victoria, B.C. Enjoy this quaint capital city and indulge in fresh local foods and restaurants. Here’s your March foodie travel guide to breakfast, lunch and dinner… and more dinner in a city worth a stay. (more…)
Local Brew: Here Come the Ladies! EP 4
One lucky woman gets an Extreme Makeunder on Afternoon Pamphlet, Homeless or Hipster returns, and we take over a Rock Paper Scissors tournament on Seattle’s Online Comedy Show. We’re hanging out at Kell’s for an episode full of women that are, for the first time, all played by women. Some would say we’re breaking the gender barrier, but that wouldn’t actually make sense. (more…)
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