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Blue Scholars
Blue Scholars’ Cinemetropolis: An Album for the Fans, By the Fans
After years on the road touring, writing and filming, our favorite local hip-hop duo is back on the scene. With their new album Cinemetropolis, Blue Scholars are kicking-off their first headlining tour in Seattle at the Showbox  on September 17th, and fans have a greater interest in this album not only because of the time passed between their last release, but because many have personally paid for this one to be created. (more…)
What’s Good in the Hood: Occidental Avenue
Come and rediscover Seattle’s oldest neighborhood. Occidental Park in Pioneer Square is one of Seattle's oldest areas. Photo by Lena Park. Calling all Seattleites, Washingtonians, Pacific Northwesterners, new, old, or something in between: it’s time to rediscover this Emerald City of ours.  If we’re going to live in Seattle and call ourselves Seattleites, isn’t it about time we start living like ones?  Let’s branch out.  (more…)
Alpha Rev Band Photo
Music Madness: Alpha Rev teams up with Ballard’s Hoedown Haven
Experience the accomplished Alpha Rev for a steal of a deal while reveling in the sights and sounds of one of Seattle’s most quaint venues. (more…)
Fishermen's Fall Festival2
Fishermen’s Fall Festival
Celebrate the fishing community and enjoy delicious salmon, too! Seattle seafood lovers who find themselves in need of one more barbecue to end the summer right should check out the 23rd annual Fishermen’s Fall Festival this weekend. Sure to whet the appetite of even the most sophisticated of palates, the festival celebrates community and remembrance with good food and fun. (more…)
fashion first
Runway Alert: The 8th Annual Fashion First Gala is Here!
It’s time to turn up the glitz at one of the hottest annual fashion events around. Seattleites will be dressed to the nines this Thursday evening for Fashion First, Seattle’s longest running independent fashion show.  (more…)
Suzanne Bouchard and Anne Allgood star in "Mary Stuart." Photo by Chris Bennion.
Theatre 101: The ACT Presents “Mary Stuart”
Medieval meets contemporary in the ACT’s new production. Known as a destination for contemporary theater and arts in downtown Seattle, the ACT (A Contemporary Theatre) will feature another hit this month for the area’s theater lovers. (more…)
Photo courtesy of Erin Kohlenberg Photography
Paving The Way To The Great Outdoors
Adventurous city-dwellers take note: Geartribe has officially arrived in Seattle. Savvy savers have already conquered Groupon and Living Social, but now a new site has launched for the relentlessly recreational persona inside of all of us. GearTribe went live in Seattle and select areas around the Northwest last month — and with summer weather leaving us shortly, now is the time to take advantage of the company’s killer deals. (more…)
Neiman Marcus-FNO-43
Fashion’s Night Out at Neiman Marcus and The Bravern
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