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Mamma MiaFox Theater
Musical Madness: MAMMA MIA!
Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+ Reddit Email Does Your Mother Know: A Candid Discussion with Sassy Mama Donna As an 80’s baby, I subconsciously became an ABBA fan long before I could comprehend an acronym, or the impact Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Anni-Frid would have on Pop music. My parents blared that Gold: Greatest Hits on repeat throughout my childhood, and it didn’t take long for me to realize, I was THE Dancing Queen. When the MAMMA MIA! musical first went into production several years (more…)
Photo Courtesy of Michael Doucett
Date Night: Teatro Zinzanni The Hot Spot
Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+ Reddit Email Photo Courtesy of Michael Doucett If you’ve been on the prowl for a fun date night, or evening out with the ladies, Teatro Zinzanni offers a spiced up rendition of dinner theater unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. In production since 1998, guests will get cozy with fellow diners seated around a booth family style, and expect surprisingly satisfying cocktails and dishes throughout the three hour evening, paired with the Teatro cast carefully crafting a tale filled with many laughs,  cirque trapeze acts, festive cabaret, (more…)
ben howard
Music Madness: Ben Howard
Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+ Reddit Email Howard Finds Himself in I Forget Where We Were Who: Ben Howard established himself as a prominent UK folk artist with the release of his first album Every Kingdom back in 2011, a beautiful reflection of positivity,  and collection of catchy love lyrics sure to appeal to audiences everywhere. Each song on the album felt as if you were sharing a personal moment with the artist, yet just when you thought he might dive deep and reveal something bigger, he ended the trance and brought you back up with his cute hums, whistles, and winks. The album was a quintessential catch 22; I loved everything about it, the transition from Old Pine, to Everything and what (more…)
land of sweets triple door
Music Madness: Land of the Sweets, Burlesque Nutcracker
Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+ Reddit Email A Very Naughty Christmas with Lily Verlaine and Jasper McCann What:  In its ninth year running, Lily Verlaine and Jasper McCann’s rendition of the Land of Sweets Burlesque Nutcracker offers Seattleites an exciting twist on the classic holiday production. With promises of stunning choreography, skillfully designed costumes and playful banter, you’re sure to wind up on the naughty list after attending a 2014 showing. Photo Courtesy of Scott Butner As the Land of Sweets approaches it’s 10th anniversary at the Triple Door, we were curious what has evolved in production over the past several years. “One of my absolute favorite moments to illustrate the evolution of the show is that the first year, Jasper and I sat on the floor for endless hours, (more…)
The Flaming Lips In Concert - Iceland Airwaves Music Festival 2014
Music Madness: Iceland Airwaves
Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+ Reddit Email Musication to Reykjavik’s Iceland Airwaves 2014 What: Itching for a vacation to escape Seattle? Picture journeying to a brisk European destination with a geothermal beach in the heart of the city, and a peace tower conceived by Yoko Ono to honor the late John Lennon. Music is at the heart of the Icelandic culture, and the Iceland Airwaves Festival is the perfect reason to mark your calendar, and explore Reykjavik. The 16th annual festival (more…)
Music Madness: Ásgeir
Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+ Reddit Email Ásgeir Breaks the Silence at Columbia City Theater Who: When 20 year old Ásgeir Trausti released his first album In the Silence in his native Icelandic tongue and country, he became somewhat of a boy wonder phenomenon overnight. Many of the songs had been written by his father, a seasoned local poet, and the deeply rooted connection and alluring radiant voice were felt and welcomed by critics immediately. The album has since become the largest grossing (more…)
From the "Do You Know Bruce" exhibit.
Do You Know Bruce? Only North American Bruce Lee Exhibit Opens in Seattle
Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+ Reddit Email Seattle’s Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience (The Wing) is home to the only North American Bruce Lee Exhibit and is now open to the public. The opening ceremony on Saturday included welcome speeches by Bruce Lee’s widow Linda Lee Cadwell and his daughter Shannon Lee. (more…)
OAR In studio
Music Madness: Learn The Ropes of the Music Industry With CreativeLive
Share: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Google+ Reddit Email Dexter Studio Now Offering Classes For Inspired Creative Professionals OAR Live in studio at CreativeLive Who: Seattle is a city filled with a deep appreciation for everything music, from inspiring artists, band managers, teachers and recording professionals. We even have a department within the City of Seattle dedicated to the innovation of the local Film + Music industry, but where does one inspired young professional go to seek education in the field? CreativeLive has been offering video-centralized classes in their Dexter studio for creative types since they launched back in 2010. Students who prefer to learn from the comfort of their pajamas at home or  a coffee shop can opt to take classes live online, without (more…)
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