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Black Beauty Breed
Fantastic Films: Black Beauty Breed
Don’t Miss This Enlightening Documentary Screening on Thursday August 7th If Hollywood were any indication of what to expect in real life, we would believe boosting cars like Vin Diesel was cake, and having our vehicles morph into our best friend Optimus Prime at dusk was an average Tuesday night. If we know these cinematic dreams aren’t reality,  why is it that when we see an angry rottweiler attack the mailman on a sitcom, we laugh knowingly, and assume the bully breed got its name for a reason. Director/Producer Angie Ruiz created the documentary Black Beauty Breed to (more…)
Capitol Hill Block Party Sees Spoon Slay
Spirits were high in Capitol Hill this weekend, as was the ratio of space bar music to instrumental bands. (more…)
Jay Z Beyonce
Music Madness: Jay Z & Beyonce On The Run
Join the Beygency On the Run at Safeco Field Who: If you’re not already part of the Beyhive, you will be buzzing after America’s favored powerhouse couple takes over Safeco Field this week. Millennials grew up alongside Beyonce Knowles in her Destiny’s Child saga, and worshiped Jay-Z because it really was a Hard Knock Life for us. We adored Jay Z when he erupted the Tacoma Dome with Kanye in 2011, and fans from around the Northwest are expected to flood Seattle to see Queen Bey and Mr. Carter  (more…)
Ratner’s “Hercules” Doesn’t Know Art from A**hole
Hercules is the equivalent of hiring a day laborer only to discover them dozing under the cabana 20 minutes later. You weren’t really ever expecting that much, just a tidy little one-and-done job, so you can’t help but flabbergast at the flagrant display of utter laziness. It’s truly an epic tableau of “who gives a fuck?” It’s so imposingly boring, you’d think you walked into a documentary about dust mites. It’s so recklessly rattlebrained that you think the screenplay is the product of ‘Myths by Charlie Kelly’. It’s the Kitten Mittens of sword and sandals movies. Every character and plot line is so mismanaged you’d think Halliburton were producing it. (more…)
Music Madness: Asher Roth & Retrohash
Remember that rap song that boasted about loving college, partying and having random girls completely naked?  (more…)
Superb “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” Is King of Blockbusters
Too many times, that overused phrase “It made me feel like a kid again” has stood as a defense for liking sub-par movies. But with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, a truly magical work that had me giddy, mouth agape in sheer wonder (like a big-mouth bass caught hook, line and sinker) I will happily cloak myself in that tired sentiment. Dawn of the Apes made me feel like a kid again, and it was amazing. (more…)
Fantastic Films: Belle is Predictable, yet Striking and Moving
Think of a Jane Austen world – Victorian social rules, burgeoning romances, and conniving aunts. Insert Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner into the picture and you have an idea of the film Belle. The story is set in the eighteenth century and revolves around Dido Belle, a young illegitimate mixed-race black girl whose white father takes her in to live with his relatives, the Earl of Mansfield and his wife. Directed by Amma Asante, the movie overlays the social development of Belle and her cousin Elizabeth with an ongoing court case on slavery. (more…)
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