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Music Madness: Asher Roth & Retrohash
Remember that rap song that boasted about loving college, partying and having random girls completely naked?  (more…)
Superb “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” Is King of Blockbusters
Too many times, that overused phrase “It made me feel like a kid again” has stood as a defense for liking sub-par movies. But with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, a truly magical work that had me giddy, mouth agape in sheer wonder (like a big-mouth bass caught hook, line and sinker) I will happily cloak myself in that tired sentiment. Dawn of the Apes made me feel like a kid again, and it was amazing. (more…)
Fantastic Films: Belle is Predictable, yet Striking and Moving
Think of a Jane Austen world – Victorian social rules, burgeoning romances, and conniving aunts. Insert Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner into the picture and you have an idea of the film Belle. The story is set in the eighteenth century and revolves around Dido Belle, a young illegitimate mixed-race black girl whose white father takes her in to live with his relatives, the Earl of Mansfield and his wife. Directed by Amma Asante, the movie overlays the social development of Belle and her cousin Elizabeth with an ongoing court case on slavery. (more…)
Allen Stone
Music Madness: Allen Stone @ Chateau Ste Michelle
  Who: Allen Stone was a wonderful sight for the eyes and ears at last year’s Bumbershoot Festival, and I am delighted he has returned to Seattle to dazzle the Eastside at the beautiful Chateau Ste Michelle. Allen Stone has not quite attained the level of national praise  he deserves, but I’d put money on his rise to the top of the charts in upcoming months with his new Capitol record deal, and Forbes Magazine mention for best musicians under 30. In the mix of young artists, Stone brings a unique flavor of neo-soul and R&B to the table, and a truly mesmerizing voice wise beyond his years.  While most 80′s babies grew up listening to TLC and New Kids on (more…)
Silver Screen Riot: “Edge of Tomorrow” is Ace Summer Spectacle
Since all the Groundhog Dog jokes have already risen, seen their shadow and retreated into the proverbial internet hole, let’s just settle with calling Edge of Tomorrow a slightly derivative but monstrously enjoyable blockbuster. In a time where any project commanding a budget north of 100 million dollars is either dumbed down to the broadest of international audiences or stuffed with pew-pewing superheroes, witnessing this brand of thinking man’s blockbuster illicits nothing short of a deep sigh of relief. It might not have the layers of Inception or the majesty of Avatar but its fleet-footed cadence, wily comic timing and crackerjack combat spectacles makes for one ace summer tentpole. (more…)
Yann Tiersen
Music Madness: Yann Tiersen’s Infinity Album
Most people confronted with spending two months on the islands of Iceland would not get any work done; the same cannot be said for Yann Tiersen, best known for the soundtrack of Amelie, who wrote the foundations of his newest album Infinity while there. His eighth solo album, Infinity is an odd, eclectic piece that elicit sensations of intensity and surrealist melodrama. (more…)
Silver Screen Riot: “Maleficent” is a CGI Wash
Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie‘s cheekbones and Elle Fanning‘s bleach blonde mop and shit-eating smile, is a movie designed for young, dim-witted children who fancy bright lights and high pitched voices and don’t yet understand the word “story”. It’s a retelling by way of obliteration, with debut director Robert Stromberg taking sledgehammer swings when he would have benefited so much more from the nuance of a scalpel. From the very first minute, it’s a total slog, a tonal nightmare. There wasn’t one moment where I wasn’t waiting for it to just end. (more…)
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