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Music Madness: Asher Roth & Retrohash
Remember that rap song that boasted about loving college, partying and having random girls completely naked?  (more…)
Pure Barre Greenlake Facebook Page
The Radar: Pure Barre Does Green Lake
I was looking at my calendar the other day and I realized I haven’t experienced the burn of Pure Barre for almost six months. Six months! The dismay! Blame it on being a first-time working nursing mom, I guess, since doesn’t seem to be a shortage of Pure Barre locations across western Washington, that’s for sure.   And now, my everyone’s favorite ballet-based total body workout is creeping even further westward with dynamic duo Sami and Brandon Sweeney’s fifth location in four years coming to Green Lake–the Sweeney’s own ‘hood. (more…)
Superb “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” Is King of Blockbusters
Too many times, that overused phrase “It made me feel like a kid again” has stood as a defense for liking sub-par movies. But with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, a truly magical work that had me giddy, mouth agape in sheer wonder (like a big-mouth bass caught hook, line and sinker) I will happily cloak myself in that tired sentiment. Dawn of the Apes made me feel like a kid again, and it was amazing. (more…)
Pickathon 2013 by Melissa Dismuke
Culture Dose: Summer Music Preview
Seattle (and the entire NW) amps up for a high-volume season. Seattelites love to rock out all year-round, but when we’re finally blessed with never-ending azure days, we crank it up even harder. This summer’s music options include the obvious gems like Capitol Hill Block Party (July 25-27) and Bumbershoot (August 30-September 1), and we’re impressed once again with these events’ lineups that continue to “wow.” (more…)
Photo by Hayley Young
Ones to Watch: Kris Orlowski
The secret’s out on one of Seattle’s favorite homegrown stars. Kris Orlowski is hardly a new name on the Seattle music scene. Yet the man—and his band—have recently been on the move. Good things are happening, and the future feels especially bright. (more…)
Alan Alabastro Photography
Culture Dose: The Solstice Concerts
The 43rd Annual Fremont Fair rocks out with a new tradition What goes perfectly with zany floats, kooky characters on stilts and enthusiastic bikers cycling around town in the nude? Why, live music, of course! This weekend marks the inaugural year of the newest Fremont Fair tradition: The Solstice Concerts. (more…)
Fantastic Films: Belle is Predictable, yet Striking and Moving
Think of a Jane Austen world – Victorian social rules, burgeoning romances, and conniving aunts. Insert Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner into the picture and you have an idea of the film Belle. The story is set in the eighteenth century and revolves around Dido Belle, a young illegitimate mixed-race black girl whose white father takes her in to live with his relatives, the Earl of Mansfield and his wife. Directed by Amma Asante, the movie overlays the social development of Belle and her cousin Elizabeth with an ongoing court case on slavery. (more…)
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