Friday, February 15, 2019

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What’s Hot: Planning a Bachelorette Party For this Summer? Plan Early and Consider a Local Craft Tour
While the bachelorette party is about the familiar, telling shared stories of the soon to be married couple and buying the bachelorette drinks that are old favorites, the party is also a time for making new memories– together, perhaps in new locations not everyone has yet been.  Let Local Craft Tours do the work. (more…)
What’s Hot: How To Blend Skiing and Yoga this Spring Ski Season
  Skiers are normally toting ski poles.  But these days, many are also toting yoga mats on the hill as yoga offers muscle-preparedness and mental concentration, two essentials for the avid skier.  To cater to the trend, ski resorts on the West Coast are beginning to offer yoga ski holidays. (more…)
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