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About Margot Sinclair Savell

A former national journalist, Margot started writing her popular “Write for Wine” blog in 2007, but she first blended her passion for writing with her passion for wine in 1997 in a column on KOIN-TV’s website (which she managed in Portland). When she’s not writing about wine or speaking about social media measurement at conferences around the country, you can find her wine-tasting with her husband or hanging out with her three Cavalier King Charles dogs. Or you can find her on Twitter @writeforwine
Wine O’Clock Wednesday: Revelry on Red Mountain
No plans for Memorial Day weekend? If you like excellent wine and revelry, start planning. I can always tell when red wine comes from Red Mountain, located in the southeast corner of Washington state near the Tri-Cities. Red Mountain wines are bold, beautiful and big – some of my favorites. (more…)
Wine O’Clock Wednesday: Riesling for Being
Do you think Riesling rules? Now’s your chance to say why and win $1,000. If you’re passionate about Riesling, this week’s Wine O’clock Wednesday column is for you! Pacific Rim Winery is calling out for Riesling fans to enter their contest, which started Monday, May 16 and runs for 10 weeks. (more…)
Wine O’clock Wednesday: Dino Wine-Oh!
Pacific Science Center combines fine wine with the Pleistocene Age. “How would you like to be described: balanced and brilliant, coarse and corky, ripe and rounded, earthy and elegant, tart and tannic, or velvety and vigorous?” (more…)
Wine O’clock Wednesday: Summer Must Be Close!
Great music, beautiful surroundings and award-winning wine at the 2011 Summer Concert Series at Chateau Ste. Michelle. A sure sign that summer is on its way: Chateau Ste. Michelle just released its 2011 Summer Concert Series lineup! (more…)
EFESTĒ: Sophisticated Wine From A Punk Rocker
winemaker Brennon Leighton pushes the envelope of traditional viticulture. It’s fitting that Feral, a rocking-good 2010 Sauvignon Blanc from Woodinville-based winery EFESTĒ, is made from wild yeast. It was crafted by Brennon Leighton, a tattooed, goatee-sporting Seattleite who looks like he used to be in a bad-ass punk band. In fact, he was. (more…)
Wine O’clock Wednesday: Rollergirls, a Wedding Registry and Wine World, Oh My!
Wine World Warehouse offers much more than the largest selection of Northwest wines on the planet. (more…)
Wine O’clock Wednesday: Gård Vintners – Good News, Good Wine
Gård Vintners has a new award-winning winemaker to take the winery’s award-winning wines to an even higher level. (more…)
Wine O’clock Wednesday: You may now Look forward to Tuesdays again
What is the day before Wine O’clock Wednesday? Taste Tuesday, of course. Or let’s put it this way: Tuesday tastings for $10 at Sullivan’s Steakhouse. (more…)
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