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Despite the rain, Jennifer loves Seattle and is a rare native. From the gorgeous summer weather to the drizzle the other 9 months, this may be her forever home. She graduated from the University of Washington and has a master's degree in counseling psychology. She loves to travel, volunteer, and host themed dinner parties. You can find her eating, hiking, hanging out with her awesome dog, or napping. Ice cream, burgers, and sushi are some of her favorite things.
flor with Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness @ Moore Theatre on 3/15
LA-based alt-pop band flor, who are on a massive North American tour supporting Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. flor will be performing at Moore Theatre in Seattle on Friday, March 15th.  (more…)
Essential Seattle parks for marching into spring
It’s been a roller coaster winter this year. In comparison to past years, there’s been more sun and less rain at the expense of a lot of snow. While I personally loved the snow (don’t hate me) I think we’re all more than ready to put that past us, right? As we anxiously await spring and warmer temperatures, here’s a list of our favorite parks for walks (you just might need to bundle up).  (more…)
BAYNK @ Barboza Friday March 1st
New Zealand producer and rising artist BAYNK is playing a sold-out show at Barboza tonight!  (more…)
Seattleite Spotlight: The Works’ Kellie Phelan
We had the chance to chat with Kellie Phelan in her bright new space in First Hill earlier this month for this month’s edition of Seattleite Spotlight. Kellie is the owner of The Works, a DIY school for adults. Classes range from knitting, gardening, kitchen & pantry (preserving food), to crafty stuff. Basically, a little bit of everything. (more…)
Delicious stone hearth-fired pizzas and veggie plates at Kenmore’s Seaplane Kitchen & Bar
Seaplane Kitchen & Bar opened in mid-November about 20 minutes northeast from Seattle and strikes a balance between trendy and casual, ideal for young professionals and families alike.  (more…)
Burger Month at Li’l Woody’s
4 Burgers. 4 Chefs. 4 Weeks. Li’l Woody’s popular Burger Month #SeattleBurgerMonth starts tomorrow. In preparation for this popular event, here are the details that burger fans need to know. (more…)
15 upcoming Seattle shows to get excited about
With a couple more months of cold and grey to go, here are our picks for shows over the next two months. Dancing to great live music will help us get through the winter, right? It’s mostly pop, indie, alternative, and EDM. We love that Seattle has an abundance of small, quirky venues for a more intimate experience. All 15 shows are under $30 before fees (ugh, those pesky fees!). Enjoy! (more…)
Q&A with rising star Cautious Clay
Cautious Clay is playing a sold-out show on January 18th at The Crocodile. We had the chance to catch up with the man behind Cautious Clay, Joshua Karpeh, a flute-playing Brooklyn singer with a soulful voice and feel good beats.  (more…)
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