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About Erina Malarkey

Erina is a born and raised East Coast gal and the author of the popular blog, Shut Up & Cook. Known for capturing the life, trials, tribulations, and adventures of the every woman in the kitchen, she has brought to life the notion of the Attainable Gourmet, through her honest, raw, and unapologetic writing style. A shameless foodie by night and by day, she loves nothing more than an epic meal shared over many hours with good company. When not whipping up culinary delights in her Columbia City kitchen she can be found horseback riding, running with her mastiff or pitbull, or singlehandedly reviving JetBlue stock with her frequent trips back to Boston. Find Erina on Twitter at @ShutUpNCook.
Happenin’ Happy Hour: Hunger
When it comes to Happy Hours, the world is filled with good ones. Good food, good prices, a good venue. Nothing to write home about, but good enough. If you want something truly spectacular look no further than Hunger’s Spring happy hour taking place (more…)
Happenin’ Happy Hour: Coastal Kitchen
A stalwart of the Capital Hill scene, Coastal Kitchen now boasts one of the best oyster bars in town featuring an impressively varied range of options such as the Naked Roy from Totten Inlet to the Shigoku of Bay Center. The best part? Daily from 10p-Midnight, these oysters can be caught for the bargain price of $1.25 each. (more…)
Happenin’ Happy Hour: Belltown Pizza
We normally think of Happy Hour as a post work affair. A chance to shake off the day or get started shaking things up for the night ahead. If you want that and more, look no further than Belltown Pizza that Monday through Friday offers Happy Hour from 4-6p and on Sundays offers a special menu of Breakfast Pizzas such as The Manning made with bacon, egg, cheddar cheese, and mushrooms.  (more…)
Happenin’ Happy Hour: Stumbling Goat Bistro
Tucked away in the little stretch of Seattle that is east of Ballard and west of Green Lake exists the Stumbling Goat Bistro, that while filling its duty as a neighborhood watering hole also turns out creative, seasonally inspired dishes and some of the best cocktails in town. (more…)
Happenin’ Happy Hour: The Capital Grille
If the wait for Season Six of Madmen is more than you can bear, look no further than The Capital Grille’s Happy Hour to help tide you over. (more…)
In the Know: Seattle Restaurant Week 2012
10 Days | 150+ Restaurants | 3 COURSES | $28/head Seattle Restaurant Week has arrived in all its glory, boasting a more impressive line-up in its third year than perhaps ever before including the likes of Anchovies & Olives, Boat Street Cafe, and Cafe Flora just to name a few. (more…)
Happenin’ Happy Hour: Ma’ono Fried Chicken and Whisky
While October may be officially here, this weekend is promising to deliver the seventies and sun that make so many fall in love with our fair city. What better way to send out Summer than to take a trip to Ma’ono Fried Chicken and Whisky, (more…)
Happenin’ Happy Hour Special: Fashion Week Round-Up
Fashion Week kicks off today at The Bellevue Collection and the only thing that could make this cutting-edge couture better in our books is a good Happenin’ Happy Hour. (more…)
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