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Exported from the once rural areas north of the city, Erin has always been a Seattleite at heart. Since receiving her degree in Journalism from the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication at WSU, she has been moonlighting as a freelance writer. Familiar stints include CitySearch Seattle, Washington State Magazine, Seattle Woman Magazine and her long-time contributing to WINO Magazine, as well as copy-writing and on-air contributions to local radio. When Erin's not consuming large amounts of wine or writing in her blog, abottle/aweek, she can be found eating most food put in front of her face, screaming for the Cougs or drooling over the brothers on Vampire Diaries. For more of Erin's daily, irrelevant ramblings, find her on Twitter.
Corks+Forks: Dungeness Crab and White Rhone
Crab cakes and Roussanne – that’s what Ravish does! Eastlake is full of “neighborhood joints.” From the Zoo Tavern’s billiards and live music to Serafina’s Sunday brunches and cooking classes to the new addition of Little Water Cantina and their mint-flourishing star-gazer patio, the restaurants are cozy and familiar, the bartenders remember names and life seems a little bit slower on this side of the lake.  (more…)
Washington Wineries
The Wine Nose Knows: September Wine Events
September hosts a plethora of events across the Evergreen State. It’s time say good-bye to summer and say hello to fall. This month, a number of wine happenings will take place everywhere from downtown Seattle to Eastern Washington. The only tough part is choosing which one to attend! (more…)
Chicken Andouille Sausage Corndogs from Table
Corks+Forks: Bubbles and Corndogs
Corndogs find their wine match at Table 219 on Broadway. Lettie Teague, former executive wine editor of Food & Wine Magazine and current wine columnist of the Wall Street Journal, doesn’t like Prosecco. Teague is a firm believer in some wines only being consumed where they are from to fully understand the experience. Prosecco, she stated in a recent column, is high on this list. (more…)
Rachel Yang in action
Corks+Forks: Korean BBQ and Primotivo
Expertly-cooked beef and wine from Italy’s heel — a match made in pairing heaven. When faced with the dilemma of an extensive and enticing bill of fare, a foodie must weigh her menu decision based upon the beverage at hand. In other words, what booze is in your glass and what culinary goodness will match it? (more…)
Corks+Forks: Gorman And Gnocchi
Local Chardonnay plays nice with Italian comfort food. I easily tire of wine whiners: those who claim to despise a varietal solely based on the name, even though there’s no way they’ve (more…)
Joel VandenBrink of Two Beers Brewing; Photo by Chris Laurion
Dynamic Seattleites: Chief Brewmaster, Joel VandenBrink
Trendsetting and trailblazing — this Seattleite elevates the craft of micro-brewing. Joel VandenBrink believes it takes two beers to make the world go ‘round, so it was easy to name his business when he opened up his brewhouse, Two Beers Brewing, two years ago in SoDo. (more…)
Photo: Sixth Avenue Wine Seller
The Wine Nose Knows: August Wine Events
Bright wines, big city – August hosts a plethora of events across the emerald region. Harvest for the grapegrowers is coming soon — so  it’s time to party. This month, a number of wine happenings will take place everywhere from downtown Seattle to OIympia and Bremerton. The only tough part is choosing which one to attend! (more…)
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