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About Catherine Giudici

A proud Coug, she graduated from WSU with a B.A. in Advertising going on to the likes of Wexley School for Girls, Seattle Weekly and Taco Del Mar “Corporate”. After eating copious amounts of exotic—and not so exotic—meat on a trip to Kenya, Catherine returned to the States craving anything and everything without a face. The vegan affair began and after four years, she’s a self-proclaimed “opportunistic vegan”, cheating on her lover for very special occasions. Catherine reps 206 on the daily and has been for 20 years. Like a true Seattleite, she owns Birkenstocks, rides the Metro and loves the smell of rain.
Meatless Mondays: St. Dames
The gluten-free and vegan options at funky St. Dames in Rainier Valley were worth the trip. I’m soul-ed. No idea how I haven’t heard of this vegan-friendly place before, but I’m glad I did one more search on Google to introduce me to it. (more…)
V-Day: For Serious Smooching Sweethearts
LUUUUUUURVE. Who doesn’t love LOVE?! I’m a firm believer of showing the person you care about constant affection all year long,  (more…)
Meatless Mondays: Szechuan Noodle Bowl
The year of the Snake starts off with a mild sting. Szechuan Noodle Bowl in the International District had big potential with its cheap prices and advertised bold flavors. I’m still waiting for that bite to strike. (more…)
Meatless Mondays: Carmelita
It doesn’t matter if you’re vegan or not when you have a mouthful of deliciosity. This upscale vegetarian restaurant and bar has flavor. Many of them actually. In the heart of Phinney Ridge, therein lies a magical place with art, community and fanciful food. Called Carmelita. (more…)
Meatless Mondays: Georgetown Liquor Company
Georgetown Liquor Company in South Seattle is calling all ADD children and their cultured ‘rents. Let your inner little boy out to play, your sophisticated grown-ass to eat and your hidden drunk uncle out to drank. Now, what to wear?! (more…)
Meatless Mondays: Mighty-O Donuts
Glaze over Mighty-O’s organic vegan donuts. You’ll discover your publicly approved ‘O’ face. Mighty-O Donuts in Tangletown offers flavors that you can’t help but want to try. Don King? Topless Chocolate? Blueberry Monster? Collect ’em all. (more…)
Meatless Mondays: Sunlight Cafe
Seattle’s longest standing vegetarian restaurant still serving strong in Roosevelt. If you want a relaxed, healthy and satisfying meal, Sunlight Café is what’s good. (more…)
Meatless Mondays: Jodee’s Un-Bakery in Greenlake
Raw, organic, vegan, gluten-free. The one take away from that laundry list of healthy: Scrumdiddliumptious. She doesn’t market that the majority of her goods are raw because it’s freaky enough having a (more…)
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