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Caroline Li is an award-winning journalist who now works in technology and marketing. You can find her on the mountain in the winter and on the water in the summer living the Seattleite life. Follow her at @TheCarolineLi
Celebrating Hip-Hop in Seattle: Past, Present, and Future
Often known for its coffee culture, seafood, and big technology names like Microsoft and Amazon, the city of Seattle also has a rich grassroots music and arts culture that creates a different kind of hometown pride amongst both locals and transplants that appreciate the Seattleite lifestyle. (more…)
The Cookie at Met Market
In The Know: New Recipe for “The Cookie” + Free Samples
Today you’ll be able to sample “The Cookie” a chocolate chip cookie that has been three years in the making by the Met Market. The baking team has refined the recipe for the basic chocolate chip cookie to make it the best chocolate chip cookie you’ll ever experience. (more…)
Music Madness: Stoked to play Sasquatch! Festival 2015
Local acts go down Sasquatch! memory lane and give this year’s attendees some tips. Sasquatch! Festival starts today and runs through Memorial Day weekend (May 22-25) at the Gorge Amphitheater in George, WA. Headliners include Kendrick Lamar, Lana Del Rey, Modest Mouse, Sleater-Kinney, and Of Monsters and Men. (more…)
Jason and Robert Townsend_seattle_essensuals london
SEATTLEITE SPOTLIGHT: Fashion-Forward Hair Stylists Jason and Robert Townsend
New Seattleites here to make essensuals London synonymous with affordable luxury “Hair follows fashion and Seattle is a fashionable city,” say the owners of essensuals London, Capitol Hill’s newest boutique hair salon. “Seattle’s massive music scene is a major contributor to Seattle’s fashion. I think people from Seattle aren’t moving to New York or LA anymore to focus on fashion – instead, they are choosing to stay in Seattle and make their home town cool.” These were just some motivating factors that led the Townsend brothers to relocate from San Diego to Seattle and open essensuals London. (more…)
SEATTLEITE SPOTLIGHT: Fashion go-getter Kahlana Barfield
The best feeling is paying it forward, it’s what makes the world go round – even in a place like New York City. For a girl like Kahlana Barfield, who left Seattle to pursue her fashion writing career in the Big Apple, finding someone that would root for her was something she least expected. (more…)
Social Venture Partners and their set of beez neez entrepreneurs
The Social Venture Partners Fast Pitch showdown is Tuesday and the competition always starts a buzz, and this year, literally.  (more…)
Do You Know Bruce? Only North American Bruce Lee Exhibit Opens in Seattle
Seattle’s Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience (The Wing) is home to the only North American Bruce Lee Exhibit and is now open to the public. The opening ceremony on Saturday included welcome speeches by Bruce Lee’s widow Linda Lee Cadwell and his daughter Shannon Lee. (more…)
International Food Bloggers Taste Seattle
Food blogging has exploded over the last few years and people all over the world are sharing everything from their eating out experiences to their own at home recipes. This year’s International Food Bloggers Conference brought serious food writers from all over the world to learn about taking their hobby to the next level. (more…)
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