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Brad Nehring is a lifelong resident of the Seattle area. He is currently a freelance writer, but has previously worked for the US Forest Service,, and the Peace Corps, among others. His hobbies include hiking, playing basketball, and designing tattoos.
Seattleite Spotlight: Sustainability Guru Scott Royer
The owner of Windfall Lumber explains the importance of reclaimed wood. All photos courtesy of Windfall Lumber. Tumwater-based Windfall Lumber had been in business for nearly five years when Scott Royer, a Wisconsin-born transplant, purchased the company from its original owners in 2001. Under his leadership, Windfall has become one of the state’s leading providers of tables, countertops, wall (more…)
Seattleite Spotlight: Former Peace Corps Volunteer Ann Lounsbery Owens
The longtime Seattle resident’s memories of the JFK assassination will be included in a new TLC documentary. In 1962, Ann Lounsbery embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. Inspired by President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address, the 24-year-old teacher accepted an offer to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer in the East African nation of Ethiopia. Although Ann’s two-year stint was filled with ups and downs, her experience took a tragic turn on Nov. 22, 1963, when she first learned (via shortwave radio) of President Kennedy’s assassination. That evening, she penned a heartfelt note to (more…)
Seattleite Spotlight: Post-Grunge Pioneer Josh Rosenfeld
The co-founder of Barsuk Records reflects on two decades of Northwest music. Barsuk Records is one of the Seattle music scene’s most enduring institutions. Unofficially founded in 1998, the label helped pave the way for the city’s ‘post-grunge’ movement, and introduced a new generation of music fans to bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Ra Ra Riot, Rilo Kiley, The Long Winters, and Nada Surf. In honor of the label’s 15th anniversary, a four-night, five-concert series featuring some of Barsuk’s most notable alumni will kick off tonight at (more…)
Seattleite Spotlight: Culinary Expert Vanessa Volkman
The director of Blue Ribbon Cooking School dishes out kitchen and catering tips. All photos courtesy of Blue Ribbon Cooking & Culinary Center We all gotta eat, but the fact is that many of us simply don’t know our way around the kitchen. Thankfully, Northwest native Vanessa Volkman is here to lend a hand. A former private chef and culinary consultant, Vanessa today oversees day-to-day operations for Blue Ribbon Cooking & Culinary Center (an institution founded by her mother, Virginia Duppenthaler, in 1995). Blue Ribbon’s weekly group classes cover everything from sharpening knives to (more…)
Seattleite Spotlight: Novelists Terry and Nicole Persun
A local father-daughter literary duo with valuable advice for aspiring writers. Terry Persun is one of the Northwest’s most prolific authors. In addition to 11 novels, he’s published three volumes of poetry, a guide to independent publishing houses, and dozens of short stories and poems in Kansas Quarterly, Wisconsin Review, and other prominent literary journals. In addition, he’s served on the Board of Trustees for the (more…)
Seattleite Spotlight: Knitwear Innovator Paychi Karen Guh
Comfortable, cashmere women’s wear from one of the year’s most exciting designers. Paychi Karen Guh knows quite a lot about fashion design. Born in Taiwan, she earned a master’s degree in textile design from the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (now Philadelphia University), worked at Nordstrom for 15 years in various roles including textile designer and design director, and recently attended a two-week course in London and Milan put on by (more…)
Seattleite Spotlight: Professional Globetrotter Gordon Janow
A high altitude travel expert sheds light on ‘mountain culture’. From a young age, Gordon Janow says he was ‘addicted to movement and travel’. Though this Brooklyn native and Ithaca College alum initially found work in New York City’s corporate sector, the exotic images on his National Geographic desk calendar ultimately inspired him to book passage to the Lofoten Islands, a (more…)
Seattleite Spotlight: Espresso Pioneer Kent Bakke
Meet the Seattle man behind the world’s most prestigious espresso machines. The handmade espresso machines produced by La Marzocco have received worldwide praise since the Florentine company was founded in 1927. More than 30 years ago, a Seattle entrepreneur named Kent Bakke traveled to Italy to glean a little firsthand wisdom about espresso machine production and distribution. Today he is the CEO of La Marzocco, a position that allows him to share his company’s sophisticated products with espresso connoisseurs around the world. (more…)
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