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From coordinating bridal fashion shoots on a Martha’s Vineyard sheep farm for a destination wedding publication to sipping champagne with rap stars as a reporter for In Touch Weekly, Andrea’s writing and editing experience runs the gamut. Over the past decade, she’s worked as a fashion editor, contributing blogger, regional luxury lifestyle editor, and freelance writer. Her work has appeared in Teen Vogue, Allure, Men’s Journal, Pregnancy, Vegetarian Times, and SELF. Digitally, she’s written for Daily Candy,,, and Having recently relocated to Seattle from Chicago, Andrea keeps busy exploring her new city and scouting out new finds and favorites.
Virtual Vanity: h2OMG! Relaxing in Yuan Spa’s Water Wonderland
Bellevue’s vaguely new-ish Yuan Spa will baby you so big-time you’ll feel as though you’ve crawled into some sort of wonderful, water-y, beauty-centric womb. Don’t let the unassuming exterior of this new spa’s exterior fool you: inside awaits a (more…)
Virtual Vanity: Sexy, Summer Hair (Take Two)
How  to score that coveted, effortlessly-gorgeous Brigitte Bardot-esque beach hair. We know, we know: it’s finally sunny and the last thing in the entire world you want to do is spend your weekend afternoon wielding a curling iron. Ugh! But just because you’re going unplugged all summer doesn’t mean you have to slop out another ponytail or top knot. (more…)
Virtual Vanity: Beach Babe Hair
How to get the sexy tousled surfer girl look. Even if you’re partial to a more polished look, there’s something supremely sexy about true California beach babe hair. Think: more Roxy surfer girl versus glossy MTV reality show cast member. This look is tousled, tangled, and totally sun-drenched. (more…)
Virtual Vanity: Bikini Blast
Get down below beauty at Salon Dewi in Capitol Hill. I was psyched when Travis, my favorite bikini waxer ever, casually invited me to come in for a “Bikini Blast.” Being almost cult leader-y obsessed with everything-off waxing (plus, an ahem… investigative beauty journalist by trade), I was already vaguely familiar with the treatment. To put it bluntly: it’s a facial for your private parts. You know, steaming, peels, masques, extractions, buffing — the works. (more…)
Virtual Vanity: The Beauty Bounty You Need Right Now
From skin, teeth to lips — when you look good, you feel good. Just when I think I’ve sloughed with every scrub, shellacked my lids with every shadow, and smeared my body with every lotion, a whole new crop of cosmetic goodness comes out. Yay! Thankfully, I’m tasked with testing it all out for you and reporting back with just the really, really great stuff. (more…)
Virtual Vanity: Ritual Cleanse
The not-so-secret… health and beauty secret in a bottle. “Sorry; I can’t. I’m cleansing” is basically the new “I’m staying in tonight to wash my hair.” Juice fads are nothing new among A-listers. From Gwyneth’s 21-day fast to Salma’s juicing side business, the stars are always eager to share their smart sipping secrets. (more…)
The Radar: Best Brazilian Bikini Wax In The City
Consult Salon Dewi next time you need to re-vamp your lady business. When it comes to beauty treatments, a Brazilian bikini wax doesn’t register as highly on the relaxation scale as, say, a hot stone massage. However, if you’ve booked a winter getaway that requires a skimpy swimsuit — or you just want to pretty your kitty — a little maintenance “down there” is decidedly serious business. One that demands the most trusted waxers in town. (more…)
The Radar: Best Place For A Good Pedicure
Show your toes some love at the Parisian-themed Frenchy’s Day Spa. Even though you’re logging minimal face-time with your toenails these days (read: the two minutes it takes to transfer them out of opaque tights and into a pair of sherling slippers), the winter season isn’t an excuse to stop the routine pedicures. Trust us — when it comes to foot care, ignorance is not bliss. Nor is it very cute. Ick. (more…)
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