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Angel Corella: Ballet With A Spanish Twist

The legendary dancer performs at University of Washington’s Meany Hall.

At only 36, Angel Corella has accomplished quite a lot. He’s been awarded First Prize in the National Ballet of Spain and the Gold Medal at the Concours International de Danse de Paris. He’s been a guest star of ballet companies in Australia, Japan, Chile, Hungary, Argentina, Finland and New York, among others. He’s performed for Queen Elizabeth II, her Majesty Queen Sofia of Spain and First Lady Michelle Obama.

This dashing Spaniard is considered one of the finest dancers in the world — and for three exquisite evenings, he belonged to Seattle.

From May 19-21, Corella Ballet Castilla y Leon performed for sold-out crowds at University of Washington’s Meany Hall. Founded in 2008 by Angel and his sister, Carmen, Corella Ballet is currently the only classical ballet company in Spain. Since its foundation, the troupe has performed two full-length productions — La Bayadère and Swan Lake — and incorporated more than 30 works into its repertoire.

The company performed four of these selections during their performances at Meany. Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1 represented the night’s classical selection, with traditionally-garbed male and female dancers gracefully pirouetting to beautiful string melodies. The brief second piece, For 4, allowed four of the company’s male principals to introduce themselves individually, accompanied by a merry Schubert melody. Soleá, the third piece, was a vibrant fusion of flamenco guitars and classical ballet movements — and marked the Corella siblings’ first appearance.

The final piece, an overture titled DGV: Danse a Grand Vitesse, was a true show-stopper. This 26-minute extravaganza of flashing lights, cacophonous sounds and frenetic human movement never had a dull moment — which seemed fitting, since the piece was inspired by the sights and sounds of a speeding train. Until last year, this work was performed exclusively by the Royal Ballet of London.

The Corella Ballet performance was part of UW’s World Music Series, a program with a variety of events throughout the year. To learn more about this eclectic series, please visit the company online.

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  1. 4mrdncr says:

    FYI: There is an exclusive documentary film about the creation of Corella Ballet currently in post-production. You may view the trailer here:
    If additional funding can be secured, the film should be finished this year.

    Also, “DGV” was premiered by Corella Ballet at NY City Center (NEW YORK,NY) March 19, 2010.

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