Friday, February 22, 2019

Adicora Swimwear: Stun in the Sun

Sunbathers and beachcombers can sport gorgeous bikinis without breaking the bank.

With swimsuit season close at hand, Bellevue’s own Adicora Swimwear is set to unveil its 2011 collection. Each two-piece bikini in this year’s line is rendered from premium Italian and Colombian fabrics to ensure both comfort and high fashionability. 

Photography: Kyle Goldie; Model: Brittany Morgan

Adicora swimsuits are also designed to complement natural, feminine curves of all shapes and sizes. The brand’s designer, native Venezuelan Niveen Heaton, infuses American chic with the form-hugging aesthetic that has come to define South American fashion. The result is a collection of swimwear that manages to be both sensual and flattering — no easy task.

Bathing beauties can choose from several selections in Adicora’s 2011 line. Incorporating a classic bikini design, the Amazonas and Orinoco are distinguished by floral patterns. The Cometas also utilizes the traditional look, complete with frills on the top and bottom. Betsy and Tyler feature a single shoulder strap to enhance the natural beauty of a woman’s neck and shoulder lines. Arguably the most striking design is the Starburst, highlighted by a teal holographic detail that gives the wearer a little extra shimmer.

Visit Adicora online to view some of their equally exquisite past selections; this year’s collection is set to debut early next month.

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  1. Ananari says:

    Summer and bikinis are my most favorite things:) Can’t wait to see the new collection.

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