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Launched in January 2011, Seattleite is the lifestyle news site for Seattle’s young professionals who are in-the-know and on-the-go. With a pulse on the latest in dining, travel, fashion, entertainment, events and more, Seattleite is the premiere lifestyle resource to deliver the latest news and happenings around the city, showcasing the best that the Puget Sound region and the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Seattleite helps savvy Seattleites get the most from where they live.

Meet the Seattleite Team!

Bridget Blake, Restaurant Hopper | Dine on a Dime | Despite being an Arizona native, Bridget’s heart is in the Pac NW. She’s a graduate of the Univ. of Oregon’s School of Journalism and recently moved to Seattle to pursue her passions: writing, food, wine and music. She has written for women’s and philanthropy magazines in Scottsdale as well as the Univ. of Oregon’s newspaper, the Daily Emerald. She is currently a news assistant with a local television station and when she’s not cooking, sipping red wine or buried in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, you can find her outside enjoying a rare sunny day in Seattle or laughing with friends. Her motto is the great e.e. cummings quote, “the most wasted of days is one without laughter.” Keep up with her Seattle adventures and daily awkward moments, follow her @bridgetblake1!

Ian Dinsmore, Movie Buff | In Technicolor | Growing up near the beautiful Puget Sound in Olympia, Ian is a true Northwesterner.  Since graduating from the Edward R. Murrow School of Journalism at Washington State University, Ian jettisoned the Palouse for wild times in the big city.  A year after graduating from Seattle Film Institute, he immersed himself in the Seattle indie film culture.  His study of film continues and if you’re lucky, you can catch him at Crystal Mountain, at the movie theater or walking his dog Blue in Kirkland with his beautiful wife.

Catherine Giudici, Vegan Eater | Meatless Mondays | A proud Coug, she graduated from WSU with a B.A. in Advertising going on to the likes of Wexley School for Girls, Seattle Weekly and Taco Del Mar “Corporate”. After eating copious amounts of exotic—and not so exotic—meat on a trip to Kenya, Catherine returned to the States craving anything and everything without a face. The vegan affair began and after four years, she’s a self-proclaimed “opportunistic vegan”, cheating on her lover for very special occasions. Catherine reps 206 on the daily and has been for 20 years. Like a true Seattleite, she owns Birkenstocks, rides the Metro and loves the smell of rain.

Tyler Huggins, Design Junkie | Sublime Design | Tyler spends way too much time constructing his own epitaph. He can be found in some nondescript bar quaffing hard cider and raving madly about how “the epitaph represents the summit of self-dedicated poetry.” He’s obsessed with the invasive nature of marketing, yet finds beauty in the artistic styles marketing agencies co-opt into the mainstream. He indulges in veganism, but only between 3-6 a.m. He indulges in hedonism, but only when awake. His wildly successful alphorn career is currently on hold so he can spend more time exploring the interstices of Northwest-influenced design and profile the vanguard of the movement.

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 8.28.35 PMCameron Levin, Passionate Fashionista | Style File | Cameron is a sustainable women’s wear fashion designer for her eponymous line of cocktail dresses and separates, commercial and editorial stylist and fashion writer. She has styled for an array of large-scale companies such as Blue Nile Diamonds and to boutique brands and publications, as well as live television segments and a variety of promotional mediums featured on print and online advertisements all throughout the country. Cameron also served as the managing editor of, fashion writer for and as the Programming Chair of the Seattle Chapter Board of Directors of Fashion Group International. She was most recently named one of Seattle’s most influential people of 2012 in Seattle Magazine’s December 2012 issue.

Jennifer and Sean-69 (150x200)Jennifer Liu, Food Paparazzi | Food Porn | Despite the rain, Jennifer is a hardcore Seattleite and loves everything Seattle. She graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is currently working towards a master’s degree. Brunch is her favorite meal, especially a good eggs benedict with a rich hollandaise sauce. Tater tots and sweet potato fries are her weakness. When’s not eating or planning her next meal, you can find her baking, hanging out with her awesome dog, or napping (her nap game is strong). Find Jennifer on Twitter at @SeattleiteJenn

Nicole Logan, Events+Buzz Master | Nicole graduated from WSU and pursued a career in events and media where she traveled all around the U.S. and Canada.  When she landed back home, Nicole continued her drive in events and creating social media buzz and founded her own marketing consulting company and built a social media powerhouse, guiding people on the hottest events, trendiest restaurants, hotels and lounges. With Nicole’s influential social media voice and creative writing talent, she has contributed to Citysearch, The Puget Hound and  Her love for lifestyle, social culture, and the NW has led her to join the innovative and like-minded team at Seattleite.

Taylor Moore, Trend Spotter | Born in Farmville, Virginia (much cooler than the Facebook game), but raised in Olympia, Taylor graduated from University of Washington with a B.A in Communications and Sociology. She’s a major foodie and loves trying new restaurants and new food,  and is also passionate about traveling the globe — just like her idol, Anthony Bourdain. When she’s not writing, eating, lustfully wandering Nordstrom or J. Crew, or looking up cat videos on YouTube, you might find Taylor jet-setting around to sunnier skies whenever she gets the opportunity.

Erina Malarkey, Gourmet Guru | Happenin’ Happy Hour | Erina is a born and raised East Coast gal and the author of the popular blog, Shut Up & Cook. Known for capturing the life, trials, tribulations, and adventures of the every woman in the kitchen, she has brought to life the notion of the Attainable Gourmet, through her honest, raw, and unapologetic writing style. A shameless foodie by night and by day, she loves nothing more than an epic meal shared over many hours with good company. When not whipping up culinary delights in her Columbia City kitchen she can be found horseback riding, running with her mastiff or pitbull, or singlehandedly reviving JetBlue stock with her frequent trips back to Boston. Find Erina on Twitter at @ShutUpNCook.

Linda Miller Nicholson, Foodie Fashionista | Sexy Food | Linda is a Stiletto Ninja and Foodie Fashionista. She’s the kitschy madwoman behind popular food blog, Salty Seattle ( Her interests include cooking in Louboutins and wearing dresses made of sashimi. She digs sustainability, making pasta from scratch, and cooking sous vide. She’s been called everything from the Timothy Leary to the Lady Gaga of food on national television, but at the end of the day, she’s just a pen-wielding girl wearing heels in the kitchen. Find Linda on Twitter @SaltySeattle.

Brad Nehring, Die-Hard Seattleite | Seattleite SpotlightBrad is a lifelong resident of the Seattle area. He is currently a freelance writer, but has previously been employed by the US Forest Service, and the Peace Corps, among others. His hobbies include hiking, snowboarding, playing basketball and designing tattoos.



Mary Ann Rozance, Travel Fiend | Get Out & Go | Born outside with a passion for adventure, Mary Ann had her first wilderness excursion at eight months old. Ever since then, this native Californian has been tromping through forests, mountains and deserts here in the PNW and all over the world. With both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in forest resources, she works with environmental organizations engaging communities to better manage their resources. Mary Ann has lived and traveled in many corners of the world including, Canada, Spain, Morocco, Nepal, India, China, Iceland, South Korea, all over Europe, and yes — even North Korea. She loves telling stories and writing about her hair-brained travels.

Michelle StrubMichelle Strub, Cool Curator | The Radar | As a Seattleite since one month after birth Michelle is, naturally, a graduate of the University of Washington with a B.A. in Communications. She also has her M.B.A. from somewhere that doesn’t matter since it’s not in Seattle. If inquiring minds really want to know, Texas A&M. Michelle previously worked in the fashion industry but now finds her day job is getting paid to watch TV. When she’s not otherwise out for a run she’s exploring the city and all its rain-drenched nooks and crannies while wearing her North Face fleece. Just joking about that last part. Michelle doesn’t own any fleece. Strike up a conversation with her on Twitter @michellestrub.

Erin Thomas, Wine Aficionado | Corks+Forks | Exported from the once rural areas north of the  city, Erin has always been a Seattleite at heart. Since receiving her degree in Journalism  from the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication at WSU, she has been  moonlighting as a freelance writer. Familiar stints include CitySearch Seattle,  Washington State Magazine, Seattle Woman Magazine and her long-time contributing  to WINO Magazine, as well as copy-writing and on-air contributions to local radio. When Erin’s not consuming large amounts of wine or writing in her blog,abottle/aweek, she can be found eating most food put in front of her face, screaming for the Cougs or drooling over the brothers on Vampire Diaries. For more of Erin’s daily, irrelevant ramblings, find her on Twitter.

Kara Tiernan, Music Maven | Music Madness | Kara was born and raised in West Seattle, is a diehard Washington State Alum and proud lefty. Kara has lived in Florence, Philadelphia and Portland but was magnetized back to home plate. Kara loves the outdoors, has participated in two Seattle Rock and Roll half marathon and is THRILLED spandex made a comeback. She is a passionate reader and blogger,our Music Madness guru, and writes the scoop on Seattle Real Estate for But mainly, she believes there is nothing better than a bottle of house red, acoustic music and loud laughter shared between friends and neighbors.

Corinne Whiting, Experience Seeker | Culture Dose | A Seattle transplant from the other Washington, Corinne was bit by the travel bug early on. From Strasbourg, France (during her junior year at Georgetown University), Edinburgh, Scotland, where she got a masters degree in Cultural Studies — she feels grateful to have explored the globe ranging from Bolivia and Egypt to Turkey and China. After serving as associate editor at Where magazine in D.C., Corinne now embarks on a new adventure as a freelance writer and photographer, contributing to publications like National Geographic Traveler, Alaska Airlines magazine and Amtrak’s Arrive, and looks forward to exploring Seattle and debunking the rain myths, upping her coffee quotient, hearing heaps of live music and finding her Zen near the water as often as possible.


Charlie Ainslie, Creative Creature | Charlie Ainslie is a photographer from Seattle, Washington. She received her degree in commercial photography from the Art Institute of Seattle. Her passion for photography developed on a volunteer trip to Cambodia. Since then she has taken her photography around the United States and South East Asia. She is currently working as a freelance photographer in Seattle focusing on editorial photography, events, and commercial portraiture.

Annie Brady, Style Maven | Growing up in neighborhoods like Belltown and Magnolia, going to high school on Capitol Hill and getting her very first job as a concierge at the Downtown Sheraton, Annie is a Seattle girl through and through. When she’s not out shooting photos for Seattleite or for her photography business annie b./stills, she’s cheering on her Washington State Cougs, searching out new restaurants, tasting Washington wines, shopping neighborhood boutiques or lounging around her Fremont home with her bulldog Moose. You can see more of her work online or follow her blog.

Ashley Genevieve, Photo Ace | Hawaiian raised, Brooks graduate, world wide experienced photographer, now taking a bite out of Seattle’s creative scene. Her commercial advertising and fashion photography background molded from Brooks Institute of Photography has encouraged Ashley to explore the world as a shooter, art director, producer and networking extraordinaire. With a passion for locals and making everything look hot, she continues shooting as well as advising over the look and imagery of Seattleite as our Senior Photo Editor. Explore her skillz.


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