Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Silver Screen Riot: “Transcendence” Does Not Transcend

Every once in a blue moon an unsung talent breaks out of their wheelhouse to extraordinary results.  Quentin Tarantino famously emerged from a video store, learning his craft at the film school of VHS rentals. Ron Howard was a can-kicking child actor before stepping in to direct acclaimed films like Apollo 13, Rush and Academy Award winner A Beautiful Mind. Even Japanese auteur and samurai-lordship himself Akira Kurosawa trained as a painter before ever stepping behind a camera. The lesson is: great directors can come from pretty much anywhere. Wally Pfister, longtime cinematographer for Christopher Nolan (another cinebuff who did not receive formal film school education) and head hancho of Transcendence, has spent the better part of two decades behind a camera. But this is the first time he’s sat in the black foldout chair etched with the word “director.” In this 100 million dollar dry run of his, he’s all but sullied the name. (more…)
Stout Cupcakes image via The Broken Bread blog
In the Know: The Broken Bread pop-up shop

  When I’m not skipping from neighborhood to neighborhood in search of the best of-the-moment baked good (cronuts, macarons, baguettes, oh my!), I’m scrolling through hours’ worth of foodie blogs. Imagine my excitement when I discovered homemade sweets and bloggy pleasures will meet on Saturday, April 19th with The Broken Bread pop-up shop. (more…)
Photo by Jason Tang
Ones to Watch: Naomi Wachira

Naomi Wachira’s New Album Does Seattle Proud. If you follow Seattle’s thriving music scene, chances are you already know this name. And if you don’t, well, you really should. Though Kenyan-born Naomi Wachira has already made some major waves around the Pacific Northwest (Seattle Weekly coined her the city’s “Best Folk Singer” last year), it seems just a matter of time before this soulful talent is truly discovered. (more…)
Food Porn: Scotty Browns

A new social house in Bellevue. Scotty Browns opened in Bellevue at the beginning of February this year at the Elements building in Bellevue downtown. The menu is comfort food inspired with North American and West Coast influences. They offer lunch and dinner daily and brunch on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The patio has comfortable seating and is a good distance (more…)
Silver Screen Riot: “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Is Perfunctory Marvel

Growing up in the 1940s gives Steve Rogers an excuse to not understand the mechanics of speed dial. But when neo-Nazi’s threaten the freedom of the entire world, you have to wonder why he’s not more focused on contacting his nuclear suit-wearing chum, Tony Stark, or the bad Shakespeare in the park actor/Norse God, Thor. Unless he’s gone on some spirit journey to be explained away in extra Blu-Ray bonus material, Tony’s probably just shambling around Stark Towers in his drawers. His billionaire skyline must be literally cast in shadow by the helicarriers of doom that Captain America’s trying to take down with the only weapons at his disposal: record-breaking sprinting skills and a shield.  The fate of the entire world is at stake and here’s good hearted Steve clearly taking a hell of an ass-whopping and he still doesn’t see fit to call up his Avengers pals? Or at least try? I’m sorry but you lost me there. (more…)
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Ones to Watch: V. Contreras

 V. Contreras Releases Her First Full-Length Album.  This spring brings much excitement for Seattle’s star-on-the-rise Victoria Contreras, as she  performs at The Triple Door April 11 and releases her first full-length album  April 15 . Her website description reads: “The love child of Dusty Springfield and Nancy Sinatra with a splash of The Ronettes.” Okay, we’re intrigued; aren’t you?  (more…)
RAINN ‘EM IN: Human-Powered Horse Race Raises Money For Sexual Assault Victims

RAINN ‘EM IN is a horse race held at Emerald Downs, but the horses are inflatable, and the Jockeys are, well, you and your friends dressed up in costumes. Now you might be wondering what inflatable horses and sexual assault have to do with each other, and the answer is simple: nothing, really. The horses aren’t symbolic and the costumes are entirely up to you, but the result? Bringing groups of people together, in a fun, safe, loving environment to support survivors and (more…)
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